GET /groups/<sid>

Fetches a single group by its subject ID (sid). Authentication is required.

Response format

The response contains an ID for the group and a list of role_ids the group is directly assigned to.

For directory groups, the response contains the display name, the login field, a list of role_ids directly assigned to the group, and user_ids containing IDs of the remote users that belong to that group.

For example:

{"id": "65a068a0-588a-11e4-8ed6-0800200c9a66",
"login": "hamsters",
"display_name": "Hamster club",
"role_ids": [2, 3],
"is_group" : true,
"is_remote" : true,
"is_superuser" : false,
"user_ids": ["07d9c8e0-5887-11e4-8ed6-0800200c9a66"]}

Error responses

If the user who submits the GET request has not successfully authenticated, a 401 Unauthorized response is returned.

If the current user does not have the appropriate user permissions to request the group data, a 403 Forbidden response is returned.