Running plans from the console

Run ad hoc plans from the console.

Before you begin

Install the plans you want to use.

Make sure you have the Plans permission to run the plans on the nodes.

When you set up a plan run from the console, the orchestrator creates an ID to track the plan run, shows the nodes included in the plan, and runs the plan on those nodes in the appropriate order. Puppet compiles a new catalog for each node included in the plan run.

  1. In the console, in the Orchestration section, select Plans and then click Run a plan.
  2. Under Code environment, select the environment where you installed the module containing the plan you want to run. For example, production.
  3. Optional: Under Job description, provide a description. This text appears on the Plans page.
  4. Under Plan, select the plan you want to run.
  5. Under Plan parameters, add optional parameters, then enter values for the optional and required parameters on the list. Click Add parameter for each optional parameter-value pair you add to the plan.
    To view information about required and optional parameters for the plan, select view plan metadata below the Plan field.
    Express values as strings, arrays, objects, integers, or booleans (true or false). You must express empty strings as two double quotes with no space (""). Structured values, like an array, must be valid JSON.
    Plans with default values run using the default unless you specify another value.
  6. Under Schedule, select Later and choose a start date, time, time zone, and frequency for the plan to run.
  7. Select Run job.
Your plan status and output appear on the Plans page.