PUT /groups/<sid>

Replaces the group with the specified ID (sid) with a new group object. Authentication is required.

Request format

Accepts an updated group object containing all the keys that were received from the API initially. The only updatable field is role_ids. An empty roles array indicates a desire to remove the group from all the roles it was directly assigned to. Any other changed values are ignored.

For example:

{"id": "75370a30-588a-11e4-8ed6-0800200c9a66",
"login": "chinchilla",
"display_name": "Chinchillas",
**"role_ids": [2, 1],**
"is_group" : true,
"is_remote" : true,
"is_superuser" : false,
"user_ids": ["1cadd0e0-5887-11e4-8ed6-0800200c9a66","5c1ab4b0-588b-11e4-8ed6-0800200c9a66"]}

Response format

If the operation is successful, a 200 OK response including a group object with updated roles is returned.