User group keys

The following keys are used with the RBAC v1 API's groups endpoints.

Key Explanation Example
id A UUID string identifying the group. "c099d420-5557-11e4-916c-0800200c9a66"
login the identifier for the user group on the directory server. "poets"
display_name The group's name as a string. "Poets"
role_ids An array of role IDs indicating which roles should be inherited by the group's members. An empty array is valid. This is the only field that can be updated via RBAC; the rest are immutable or synced from the directory service. [3 6 5]




These flags indicate that the group is a group. true, true, false, respectively
is_revoked Setting this flag to true currently does nothing for a group. true/false
user_ids An array of UUIDs indicating which users inherit roles from this group. ["3a96d280-54c9-11e4-916c-0800200c9a66"]