Users keys

The following keys are used with the RBAC v1 API's users endpoints.

Key Explanation Example
id A UUID string identifying the user. "4fee7450-54c7-11e4-916c-0800200c9a66"
login A string used by the user to log in. Must be unique among users and groups. "admin"
email An email address string. Not currently utilized by any code in PE. ""
display_name The user's name as a string. "Kalo Hill"
role_ids An array of role IDs indicating which roles should be directly assigned to the user. An empty array is valid. [3 6 5]




These flags indicate the type of user. is_group should always be false for a user. true/false
is_revoked Setting this flag to true prevents the user from accessing any routes until the flag is unset or the user's password is reset via token. true/false
last_login This is a timestamp in UTC-based ISO-8601 format (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ) indicating when the user last logged in. If the user has never logged in, this value is null. "2014-05-04T02:32:00Z"


(remote users only)

An array of role IDs indicating which roles a remote user inherits from their groups. [9 1 3]


(remote users only)

An array of UUIDs indicating which groups a remote user inherits roles from. ["3a96d280-54c9-11e4-916c-0800200c9a66"]