PUT /roles/<rid>

Replaces a role at the specified ID (rid) with a new role object. Authentication is required.

Request format

Accepts the modified role object.

For example:

{"id": 123,
 "permissions": [{"object_type":"node_groups",
                  "instance":"*"}, ...],
 "user_ids": ["1cadd0e0-5887-11e4-8ed6-0800200c9a66","5c1ab4b0-588b-11e4-8ed6-0800200c9a66"],
 "group_ids": ["2ca57e30-5887-11e4-8ed6-0800200c9a66"],
 "display_name": "A role",
 "description": "Edit node group rules"}

Response format

Returns a 200 OK response with the modified role object.

Error responses

Returns a 409 Conflict response if the new role has a name that collides with an existing role.