Check the status of your primary server

You can run a task in the console to check your primary server's status.

A task is a single action that allows you to do ad-hoc things like upgrade packages and restart services on target machines. Puppet Enterprise (PE) comes with a few tasks installed, such as package, service, and puppet_conf, and you can download more tasks from the Forge or write your own.
  1. In the console, in the Orchestration section, click Tasks.
  2. Click Run a task in the upper right corner of the Tasks page.
  3. In the Task field, select service because you are checking the status of the primary server service.
  4. Optional: In the Job description field, provide a description. The text you enter here appears on the job list and job details pages.
  5. Under Task parameters, enter parameters and values for the task. The service task has two required parameters. For action, choose status. For name, enter puppet.
  6. Under Select targets, select Node list.
    1. In the Inventory nodes field, add your primary server's hostname and select it.
  7. Click Run task or Schedule job.
    Your task run appears on the Tasks page. To rerun the task, click Run again and choose to rerun the task on all nodes or only the nodes that failed during the initial run.
    Tip: You can filter run results by task name to find specific task runs.

View the task status and output on the Jobs page after the task is finished running.

Confirm that your primary server's status is running and enabled.

What to do next

Next, use the console to Add nodes to the inventory.

To learn more about tasks, including how to install them from the Forge and how to write your own tasks, go to Installing tasks and Writing tasks.