Node inventory API errors

Node inventory API error responses are formatted as JSON objects.

Error responses use these keys:
Key Definition
kind The kind of error encountered.
msg The message associated with the error.,
details A hash containing additional information about the error. This information might be less user-friendly than the msg.
Common errors include:
500 unknown-error
An unknown error occurred.
406 not-acceptable
The request contains an accepts header that doesn't allow JSON.
416 unsupported-type
The request contains a content-type header that is not JSON.
400 json-parse-error
There is a problem in the request body.
400 schema-validation-error
The body contains data that isn't in the expected or required format.
403 not-permitted
The user submitting the request doesn't have permission to perform the requested action.
This response is only expected for Command endpoints.
409 duplicate-certnames
The duplicates parameter is not specified, or it is specified as error, and one or more of the certnames in the request body already exist in the inventory.
This response is only expected for Command endpoints.