Upgrade paths

These are the valid upgrade paths for PE.

If you're on version... Upgrade to... Notes
2021.7.8 (LTS) You're up to date! If you're on the most recent LTS release, you can stay here or upgrade to the STS.
2019.8.z or any 2021.y 2021.7.z (LTS) Before upgrading to 2021.7.z, you might want to read about What's new since PE 2019.8.
2019.y 2019.8.12
2018.1.2 or later

2018.1.3 or later with disaster recovery

2019.8.z You must have version 2018.1.2 or later in order to complete prerequisites for upgrade to 2019.8.z.

With disaster recovery enabled, you must have version 2018.1.3 in order to upgrade to 2019.8.z. Alternatively, you can forget and then recreate your replica after upgrade.

2018.1.0 or 2018.1.1 2018.1.z