Log in to the PE console

The Puppet Enterprise (PE) console is a graphical interface where you can manage your infrastructure without relying on the command line.

To log in for the first time:
  1. In your browser, open the console by entering a URL referencing your primary server hostname. For example:
    Note: You'll receive a browser warning about an untrusted certificate because you were the signing authority for the console's certificate, and your PE deployment is not known to your browser as a valid signing authority. Ignore this warning and accept the certificate.
  2. Log in with your admin username and password.
    • If you used the PE installer tarball to install PE, log in to the console with the username admin and the password you created when installing. Keep track of this login because you'll need it later.
    • If you used PIM to install PE, log in to the console with the admin username and password included in the JSON file containing the parameters used for your installation. Your installation parameters file has a name like /success_install_<DATE_TIME_STAMP>.json. When you are logged in successfully, change your admin password promptly for account security.
What to do next
Next, check your primary server's status.