Identify operational issues affecting infrastructure nodes

Puppet Enterprise (PE) includes the pe_status_check module, which performs regular automatic checks on infrastructure nodes to identify issues that could cause disruption to PE operations. The Operational status page in the console summarizes the result of status checks from the last puppet agent run and lists any operational issues affecting infrastructure nodes in your installation.

Important: If you previously installed the pe_status_check module from the Forge or specified a version in your Puppetfile, ensure that you remove the previously installed version. This allows the latest version bundled with PE to be asserted.
The Operational status page displays the results of the latest status checks for the primary server and, where applicable to your installation, any of the following infrastructure nodes:
  • The primary server replica
  • PE compilers
  • Legacy compilers
  • Database servers (PostgreSQL nodes)

View list of nodes with operational issues

  1. In the console, in the Admin section, click Operational status.
  2. View the Infrastructure status overview to understand whether there are any issues with your PE infrastructure nodes.
    Green check iconIndicates that no issues were found.
    Red exclamation point iconIndicates there are issues requiring your attention.
  3. If there are issues requiring your attention, review the list of affected infrastructure nodes and the specific status checks that flagged the issues.
    Status checks that flagged issues requiring your attention are listed under each affected infrastructure node.
    You can use the dropdown to filter the listed infrastructure nodes by server type.
What to do next
For information about actions to resolve issues, see pe_status_check module documentation.