Puppet Server release notes

Puppet Server 8.6.0

Released April 2024 and shipped with Puppet 8.6.0.

Include action collection functionality. Added action collection. This feature is only used in Puppet Enterprise.

Puppet Server 8.5.0

Released February 2024 and shipped with Puppet 8.5.0.

Bulk signing logging. Adjusted logging for the bulk signing endpoint.

Improved schema validation logging.

Missing gems in JRuby 9.4. Re-bundled the following gems:

  • matrix (0.4.2)

  • minitest (5.15.0)

  • net-ftp (0.1.3)

  • net-imap (0.2.3)

  • net-pop (0.1.1)

  • net-smtp (0.3.1)

  • power_assert (2.0.1)

  • prime (0.1.2)

  • rake (13.0.6)

  • rexml (3.2.5)

  • rss (0.2.9)

  • test-unit (3.5.3)


Puppet Server 8.4.0

Released January 2024 and shipped with Puppet 8.4.0.

Added bulk signing endpoint.

Update CRL issuer. Updated the issuer for the generated CRL to ensure it has the same value as the original CRL.**

Regenerate CRLs. Ensured CRLs are regenerated when nearing expiration.

Analytics service. Adjusted analytics service to explicitly stop the jobs it is running when shutting down.

Added certname as header for help debugging. PUP-11973

Rubygems. Updated rubygems shipped with puppetserver (concurrent-ruby) to fix memory leak.

Fixed dropsonde configuration option CONFDIR env variable. (SERVER-3263)

Puppet Server 8.3.0

Released November 2023 and shipped with Puppet 8.3.1.

Update puppet-infra serial in CA. Ensured infra-serial is up to date. PE-36952

Puppet Server 8.2.1

Released August 2023 and shipped independently.

ca's reverse proxy service fails to proxy new renewal endpoints. Puppet Server now supports the use of x-client-cert headers when the requesting server is also in the infrastructure inventory list. This allows agent requests to be proxied through the Puppet Enterprise CA. PE-36761

Puppet Server 8.2.0

Released August 2023 and shipped with Puppet 8.2.0.

Operating Systems support. Added support for RHEL 9 and Ubuntu 22.04.

Puppet Server 8.1.0

Released June 2023 and shipped with Puppet 8.1.0.

No release notes.

Puppet Server 8.0.0

Released April 2023 and shipped with Puppet 8.0.0.


Upgrade JRuby to 9.4. Puppet Server vendors JRuby 9.4, which implements most of the Ruby 3.1 interface. We recommend extension authors avoid Ruby language features added in 3.1 and later, as well as avoiding any deprecated Ruby language features removed in Ruby 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2. SERVER-3167

Deprecations and removals

Deprecate Java 8 for Puppet Server in Platform 7. Puppet Server and PuppetDB no longer support Java 8, as mentioned in https://groups.google.com/g/puppet-dev/c/yg0YjNwhnTg/m/URqRFzanAgAJ. Java 17 is the preferred version to run Puppet Server and PuppetDB. Puppet Server will support Java 11 for as long as supported Operating Systems only have Java 11 available. SERVER-2782