State overview endpoint

PE-only: The state-overview endpoint is only available for Puppet Enterprise.

The state-overview endpoint provides a convenient mechanism for getting counts of nodes based on the status of their last report, or alternatively whether the node is unresponsive or has not reported.


URL parameters

  • unresponsive_threshold: required. The time (in seconds) since the last report after which a node is considered "unresponsive".

Query operators

This endpoint accepts no queries.

Response format

Successful responses will be in application/json. Errors will be returned as non-JSON strings.

The result will be a JSON hash of the following form:

  "unresponsive": <number of nodes that have not reported since `unresponsive_threshold`>,
  "unreported": <number of nodes for which PuppetDB has not received a report>,
  "noop": <number of nodes for which the latest report was a noop>,
  "failed": <number of nodes for which the latest report had failures>,
  "unchanged": <number of nodes for which the latest report made no changes>,
  "changed": <number of nodes for which the latest report had successful changes>

The statuses are assessed by evaluating the following precedence rules in order:

  • If PuppetDB does not contain a report for a node, the status will be unreported

  • If a report has not been received within the unresponsive_threshold, the node will be marked unresponsive.

  • Otherwise, the status will be assessed based on the most recent report in PuppetDB.


curl -X GET http://localhost:8080/pdb/ext/v1/state-overview?unresponsive_threshold=3600

  "unresponsive": 0,
  "unreported": 0,
  "noop": 10,
  "failed": 3,
  "unchanged": 50,
  "changed": 4