Fact-names endpoint

The /fact-names endpoint can be used to retrieve all known fact names.


This will return an alphabetical list of all known fact names, including those which are known only for deactivated nodes.

URL parameters

  • query: optional. A JSON array containing the query in prefix notation (["<OPERATOR>", "<FIELD>", "<VALUE>"]). See the sections below for the supported operators and fields. For general info about queries, see our guide to query structure.

If a query parameter is not provided, all results will be returned.

Response format

The response will be in application/json, and will contain an alphabetical JSON array containing fact names. Each fact name will appear only one time, regardless of how many nodes have that fact.

[<fact>, <fact>, ..., <fact>, <fact>]


Using curl from localhost:

curl -X GET http://localhost:8080/pdb/query/v4/fact-names

["kernel", "operatingsystem", "osfamily", "uptime"]


This query endpoint supports paged results via the common PuppetDB paging URL parameters. For more information, please see the documentation on paging.