The PuppetDB API provides access to a series of data entities that map to the Puppet ecosystem and the data that PuppetDB stores.


Entity types

The following table shows the list of available entities, with their respective REST endpoints for direct querying.

The entity name is utilized within queries themselves, in particular within the from and subquery operators.

Entity Name REST Endpoint
aggregate_event_counts /pdb/query/v4/aggregate-event-counts
catalogs /pdb/query/v4/catalogs
edges /pdb/query/v4/edges
environments /pdb/query/v4/environments
event_counts /pdb/query/v4/event-counts
events /pdb/query/v4/events
facts /pdb/query/v4/facts
fact_contents /pdb/query/v4/fact-contents
fact_names /pdb/query/v4/fact-names
fact_paths /pdb/query/v4/fact-paths
inventory /pdb/query/v4/inventory
nodes /pdb/query/v4/nodes
producers /pdb/query/v4/producers
reports /pdb/query/v4/reports
resources /pdb/query/v4/resources

You can also query a particular entity using the root endpoint by using a top-level from operator.