Comply overview

Welcome to the Puppet Comply!

This overview is intended for new users of Comply. We go over what Comply is, how it works, and show a demo of the 1.0.0 release. Before you begin, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our terminology.

What is Comply and how does it work?

Comply is a tool that expands the compliance capabilities of Puppet Enterprise (PE), by integrating with the CIS assessor to scan your infrastructure against the latest CIS Benchmarks. Comply connects to your PE environment and gathers information about your PE managed nodes, including operating system facts and classification node groups. It uses this information to suggest appropriate scans.

You can choose to run ad-hoc scans or desired compliance scans — a default CIS benchmark and profile scan that you assign to a node. Comply can automate desired compliance for you based on the information it gathers about your nodes from PE, or you can manually choose your desired compliance from a list of benchmarks and profiles. You can also create custom profiles to fit internally defined standards, by specifying which rules you want visible in scan reports. Most of the time, you only need to set your desired compliance once.

The scans are run as a task in PE. Scan results populate in the Comply Compliance dashboard, where you can see the number of nodes scanned and their compliance breakdown. In each node listed, there is a further breakdown of rule information which tells you why that rule is important, and steps you can take to fix the rule if it is failing the scans.

To see Comply in action, watch the demo below, or go through the steps yourself in our getting started guide.

For a full list of features, see the release notes.

Comply demo

The following demo walks you through the key features of the Comply 1.0.0 release: