Known issues

These are the known issues for Puppet Application Manager (PAM).

Restarting a PAM node on v1.103.3, v1.107.0, and v1.108.0 does not successfully bring back up all pods

A known Kubernetes issue impacts PAM versions v1.103.3, v1.107.0, and v1.108.0. Rebooting a node can result in pods incorrectly changing phases, causing them to remain at states such as 0/1 Completed and 0/1 Error. This can lead to pod crashloops and application outages. To work around this issue, delete the errant pods, which forces them to restart. Check the pods afterwards to ensure they come up as “Running”. This issue is resolved in PAM version 1.109.0

PAM versions 1.72.1 and older cannot be installed on RHEL 8.6+ systems

A known issue in kURL prevents Puppet Application Manager versions 1.72.1 and older from successfully installing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 8.6 and newer versions. To work around this issue, install or upgrade to Puppet Application Manager version 1.76.1 or a newer version, which support RHEL version 8.6.

Velero fails if network file system (NFS) snapshot storage is misconfigured

In Puppet Application Manager version 1.64.0 and newer versions, changes to the configuration of snapshot storage on a network file system (NFS) is appended to Velero containers, rather than replaced. This means that if NFS snapshot storage is misconfigured, attempts to fix the configuration do not correct the problem. This issue manifests as a failure of Velero to start up.

OpenSSL package required for newer RHEL 7 systems with PAM 1.62.0

Attempts to install Puppet Application Manager version 1.62.0 or older on newer Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 systems fail unless the OpenSSL package is present on the system before installation. To work around this issue, run yum install openssl and then re-run the PAM installation script.

Package updates with yum or DNF fail after upgrading PAM

If you are unable to run yum update or dnf upgrade after a PAM upgrade, run one of the following commands to clean up a temporary module added by PAM:
yum module reset kurl.local
dnf module reset kurl.local