Scan results

View the results of your CIS scans and find out whether your nodes are compliant.

Compliance dashboard

The Compliance dashboard provides a breakdown of your latest CIS scan.

It has three components:

  • The Node results donut shows the percentage of rules that passed and failed across all of your nodes. These percentages are shown with the statuses of Pass, Fail, Error, and Unknown.
  • The Desired compliance donut shows the number of nodes that have desired compliance set. Desired compliance is the default benchmark and profile that you have assigned to that node.
  • The Node results table lists information about the latest scan for each node.

Node compliance

From the Compliance dashboard, click on a node name to get to the Node compliance page, and see the results of the latest scan on that node. The data includes:

  • The Rules checked donut shows a status breakdown for the latest scan on that node — the rules that passed, failed, had an error, or an unknown status.

  • The Rule scan results table lists each rule that was checked and the status of that rule from the latest scan.

Rule results

From Node compliance, click on a rule title for Rule results page, and see the details of that rule and the status of the nodes it is checked on. The data includes:

  • A tabbed section that displays information about each rule:

    • Description — information on what is being checked.
    • Rationale — the reason why it is important to check that rule.
    • Fix — the steps you can take to fix the rule if it is failing on a node.
  • The Node results donut shows the nodes that this rule is checked on, and which nodes passed or failed the rule.

  • The Node compliance result table lists each node the rule has been checked against and shows the current status — when it was last checked and when it last passed that rule.