Install PAM

You can install Puppet-supported Puppet Application Manager on a single node or in an HA configuration. Both online and offline install packages are available. You can also install it on an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Refer to the Architecture overview for guidance on choosing which Puppet-supported Kubernetes cluster configuration is most appropriate for your needs.

Important: The Puppet-supported Puppet Application Manager cluster brings its own container runtime as part of the kURLinstallation.
  • Do not install a container runtime from your operating system (OS) vendor or third-party.
  • Do not install PAM on a node that has previously hosted a container runtime from your OS vendor or third-party.
Installing a different container runtime on a node, even if you installed and removed the packages before you installed PAM, causes failures that persist even after you've uninstalled the runtime.

For information on installing Puppet Application Manager on an existing Kubernetes cluster, see Install Puppet applications using PAM on a customer-supported Kubernetes cluster.