CIS scans

Run CIS scans to receive data about the compliance of your nodes.

Run a CIS scan

Run your desired compliance scan or an ad-hoc scan on your nodes.

  1. In Comply, click Scan.
  2. In the Benchmark drop-down, select Desired compliance or a benchmark and profile of your choice.
    If you have not set desired compliance, see Setting desired compliance for instructions.
  3. Click Next to review the PE credentials and environment you want the scan to run on.
  4. Click Next to see the nodes selected for scanning.
    To only scan a subset of nodes, deselect any that you do not want to include.
  5. Click Scan and then Start.
    You'll be taken to the Activity Feed, which lists each scan. Scans are run as a task in PE. To see the details of the job, click on the job ID to be taken to PE.
    Tip: You can also run a scan by clicking the Scan nodes button at the top right corner on several pages. This option uses the nodes listed on the page you are currently viewing.
  6. In Comply, navigate to Compliance dashboard to see the results of your scans.
    See Viewing scan results for a description of the scan data.