November 16, 2021

How Puppet Supports Laptop and Desktop Automation in a Changing World

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What is the state of laptop and desktop automation today? Find out! 

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The State of Laptop and Desktop Automation Today

The user experience for physical machines in the workplace has come a long way, a very long way, with security and compliance concerns sitting firmly in the backseat.

Consider that 25 years ago, a company’s desktop machines actually lived under the desks of many in the organization (and often doubled as a foot warmer!) and configuration was done machine by machine manually, or maybe even by some script that was created to run at login if they were lucky. If there were laptops in use by the business users, they were a lot less mobile and rarer than in today’s business world.

Bringing configuration to any desktop or laptop operating system was all about configuring the business software to run in a client/server environment — and security and/or compliance were the last things on everyone's minds.

Modern Risks To Laptop and Desktop Automation 

Fast forward to today. There’s a stark difference in the support of desktops and laptops. With the rise of MacOS and Linux client machines, we are not only trying to ensure the configuration of software, but software across disparate operating systems. In addition, compliance and security are at the top of mind for everyone. One rogue client machine can lead to millions of dollars lost to audit fines or worse — to ransomware hackers.

Further complicating the issues of supporting desktops and laptops in today’s businesses are the mobility of the workforce in general, and the work from home environment that COVID-19 has accelerated. It’s a lot to keep up with if you’re a desktop support engineer.

Why Puppet Supports "Day 2 Automation" For Desktop and Laptop

Here at Puppet, we are extremely proud of the fact that Day 2 operation configuration stability is where we help customers the most. Puppet is the number one provider of Day 2 automation, helping our data center and cloud customers maintain configuration, compliance, and security through our automated platforms for over a decade. We help automate the aspects of the business that keep our customers agile, innovative, and secure all at the same time across both Linux and Windows infrastructure in on-premise and cloud infrastructure through a single platform.

Taking the Puppet automation capabilities from the data center and extending it into the end-user machines has been a natural fit for Puppet. In fact, our ability to continually enforce the desired state configuration of an increasingly large number of end-user machines is our greatest strength. End-user machines that rarely connect to the corporate network through VPNs or through repeated visits to the office are more abundant today and require a vital always-on configuration as it drives the reduction of security risks and increases end-user satisfaction. With our ability to enforce configuration states at a default 48 times per day, regardless of if or when an end-user machine connects to the corporate network, we ensure that the end-user machine is always in the state it should be.

Enforcement for End-User Machines

Whether the business concerns are compliance adherence, configuration consistency, reduction of security risks, or all three, our ability to enforce these requirements with Puppet on MacOS, Linux, or Windows means you can succeed in end-user machine configuration, security, and compliance enforcement. You can accomplish this while using the same configurations to address the problem across the disparate operating systems, all while driving simplicity of automation throughout the process from the cloud, to the data center, and out to the workforce with the same, single platform provided by Puppet.

Puppet makes configuration, security and compliance easy for you. Automate the mundane while becoming more secure, compliant and driving more satisfaction from your end-users. You’ll be glad you chose automation; you’ll be glad you chose Puppet.

The world has changed in 25 years. Automation is key in all areas, and ensuring that when an end-user machine connects to your corporate network that Puppet has them configured correctly through automation gives peace of mind that there is less of a chance that a bad actor gets access to your business. We’re here to help you sleep better.

Ensure Always-On Compliance With Puppet Enterprise

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