Add job hardware capabilities

Job hardware servers are organized by capabilities in Continuous Delivery for PE. A capability is a tag that indicates what type of jobs can run on that job hardware server. If you're managing a large fleet of job hardware servers, use capabilities to distribute the testing load.

Capabilities organize your job hardware servers and ensure that jobs run on hardware with the right characteristics. For example, for a new job that requires the use of Python 3, create a capability called python-3 in Continuous Delivery for PE and assign job hardware servers that have Python 3 installed and configured to that capability. When creating the new job that uses Python 3, indicate that the job requires job hardware with the python-3 capability. When running that job, Continuous Delivery for PE will automatically locate a job hardware server with the python-3 capability, and will use that job hardware server to run the job.
In addition to software requirements, useful capabilities include:
  • Operating systems
  • Organizational designations, such as dev-team-philly-testing
  • Puppet testing resources, such as onceover or Puppet Development Kit
Important: Only the administrator of a workspace, the root user, and super users can add hardware capabilities to a workspace.
Note: Continuous Delivery for PE automatically creates a Docker capability for you.
  1. In the Continuous Delivery for PE web UI, click Hardware.
  2. To create a new capability, click + Add capability. Give your new capability a name.
  3. Next, assign job hardware servers to the capability. Select the PE instance that manages the node you've selected as job hardware. Then, select the nodes you wish to assign to the capability.
    The selected nodes are added to the Hardware with this capability list on the right.
  4. When you've selected all the nodes you want to assign to the capability, click Save.
Your job hardware is now assigned to a capability. You can add this capability to the jobs in your workspace by clicking Jobs > Edit job and selecting from the list of capabilities.