Analytics data collection

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE) automatically collects data about how you use the software. If you want to opt out of providing this data, you can do so when installing Continuous Delivery for PE.

Continuous Delivery for PE collects analytics data in order to better understand how our customers are using the software. For example, knowing how many control repos you manage helps us develop more realistic product testing. And learning which source control systems are the most and the least used helps us decide where to prioritize new functionality.

What data does Continuous Delivery for PE collect?

Continuous Delivery for PE collects analytics data when you use the software. No personally identifiable information is collected, and the data we collect is never used or shared outside Puppet.

The following data is collected when the software starts for the first time or restarts after an upgrade, and once per week thereafter:
  • License UUID

  • For each active user account:
    • Number of control repos

    • Number of control repo pipelines

    • Number of control repo pipelines with impact analysis enabled

    • Number of modules

    • The deployment policy selected for each pipeline deployment

    • Configured integrations (PE and source control systems)
The following data is collected while Continuous Delivery for PE is in use:
  • Pageviews

  • Progress through the initial installation and setup process

  • Progress through the integration configuration process (PE and source control systems)

Continuous Delivery for PE does not collect:
  • Any personally identifiable information about a user, such as name, email address, password, or company name

  • User inputs such as usernames, control repo names, module names, job names, or job hardware information

Opt out of analytics data collection

To opt out of analytics data collection, use the PE console to set the analytics parameter on the cd4pe class.

  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 of the installation instructions in Install Continuous Delivery for PE with the cd4pe module.
  2. On the Configuration page of the Continuous Delivery for PE node group, add the analytics parameter to the cd4pe class. Set the parameter's value to false.
  3. Run Puppet on your Continuous Delivery for PE node group to apply the change.
    You have opted out of data collection, and your new instance of Continuous Delivery for PE will not send analytics data to Puppet.