Adding users and creating groups

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE) is built to facilitate collaboration between the members of your team. You can share resources by adding users to your workspace, and set up groups to manage the permissions granted to each member of your team.

Add a user to a workspace

Adding users to your workspace allows you to collaborate on projects and share account resources such as jobs and pipelines. You can add users in the Settings area of the Continuous Delivery for PE web UI.

Before you begin

Make sure each user you wish to add has signed up for a Continuous Delivery for PE account. You'll need their selected username or the email address they used when signing up.

  1. In the Continuous Delivery for PE web UI, click Settings then click Users.
  2. Click + Add users.
  3. On the Add users page, enter the username or email address of the user you wish to add to your workspace.
  4. Check the box next to the name of each user you wish to add to the workspace, then click Add users to workspace.
  5. Repeat these steps to add additional users.
  6. When you're finished adding users, click Done to return to the Users screen, where you'll see the full list of users with access to your Continuous Delivery for PE workspace.

Create a new group and set group permissions

You can set up groups to organize users by permission level, job focus, geography, or other criteria. Permissions are the tasks members of a group can perform in Continuous Delivery for PE, such as adding new control repos, editing jobs, and deploying code changes. Assign permissions to a group based on that group's function and needs.

  1. In the Continuous Delivery for PE web UI, click Settings.
  2. In the Groups tab, click + Create new group.
  3. Enter a name and description for your new group.
    Tip: Use a name for your group that describes the group's function or permission level, such as "Read-only users" or "Module developers."
    CAUTION: Once submitted, group names and descriptions cannot be edited. If you wish to change the name or description of your group, you must delete the group and recreate it.
  4. Select the permissions you wish to assign to this group. Group permissions are additive. If a user is a member of multiple groups, that user is able to perform all of the actions described by all of the permissions in all their assigned groups.
    You can assign permissions on only a certain subset of the modules in your workspace to a group. To define the module subset:
    1. In the modules permissions section, click next to Modules subset:.
    2. Select the modules that you want to include in the subset. When the list is complete, click Save selection.
    3. Select which permissions you wish to give the user group. You can allow the group list, edit, and delete permissions on all modules in the workspace or only on your selected subset.
      If you create a module subset, but do not assign group any permissions on the subset, the subset will be lost when you save your permission selections.

    For an explanation of the scope of each permission, see the Permissions reference.

  5. Click Save and add users.
  6. On the Add users screen, select the workspace members who you wish to add to this group. Click Add users to group.
  7. Click Done. Your user group is created, and you are redirected to the group page.
What to do next
Review the group members and permissions on the group page, where you can also make any needed changes.

If you need to delete a group, first remove all members from the group and then click Remove group Remove icon (trashcan).

Remove a user from a workspace

If you wish to remove a user from Continuous Delivery for PE workspace, you can do so in the Settings area of the Continuous Delivery for PE web UI.

Note: If you remove a user from a Continuous Delivery for PE workspace, that user is automatically removed from all groups in that workspace.
  1. In the Continuous Delivery for PE web UI, click Settings then click Users.
  2. In the list of users, locate the user you wish to remove from your workspace.
  3. Click Remove user Remove icon (trashcan) and confirm your action.
  4. Repeat these steps to remove additional users from the workspace.