Getting support

The Support team at Puppet provides support for all features and capabilities included in Continuous Delivery for PE. However, the Puppet Support team only supports the approved installation methods listed on this page, and cannot assist you with Docker configuration or container runtime issues unrelated to Continuous Delivery for PE.

Supported installation methods

The Support team can assist with the Continuous Delivery for PE installation process using the following supported methods:

  • Installation from the PE console
  • Installation with the cd4pe module
  • Installation with Docker
    Note: The Support team can help you install Continuous Delivery for PE with Docker using Docker CE or Docker EE, but cannot help with issues not directly related to the software, such as configuring systemd services, persistent volumes, or Docker networking.

Although Continuous Delivery for PE is run as a Docker container, the Support team cannot help you deploy the application to all types of container runtime, and cannot assist with container runtime-related issues.

Unsupported installation methods

Unsupported installation methods include, but are not limited to:
  • Kubernetes
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Mesosphere

Application support

The Puppet Support team supports all Continuous Delivery for PE features and capabilities, regardless of where the application is running. However, if a feature is not working correctly due to your runtime environment, the Support team reserves the right to reject the support request.