Configure impact analysis

If you have integrated your PE instance with Continuous Delivery for PE, impact analysis was automatically set up for you during the integration. Make one classification change to start using impact analysis.

Before you begin
Make sure you're ready to get started by completing the following:
  1. In the PE console, click Classification and open the PE Infrastructure group.
  2. Select the PE Master group and click Configuration.
  3. In the Add new class field, select cd4pe::impact_analysis and click Add class, then commit your change.

    If you don't find cd4pe::impact_analysis in the class list, click Refresh to update class definitions.

  4. Run Puppet on the nodes in the PE Master group.
    Important: This Puppet run restarts the pe-puppetserver service.
  5. Optional: Set the maximum number of concurrent node catalog compiles allowed for each workspace. By default, 10 concurrent catalog compilations are allowed.
    Adjust this setting to manage the catalog compilation load placed on a PE instance by Continuous Delivery for PE impact analysis report generation.
    1. In the Continuous Delivery for PE web UI, click Settings.
    2. Click Puppet Enterprise and locate the PE instance you've configured to use impact analysis. Click Edit credentials.
    3. Locate the Impact analysis credentials section of the window. In the Max concurrent catalog compiles field, set the number of catalog compilations that are allowed to run simultaneously on this PE instance.
    4. Click Save changes.