Set a bootloader password

You can set a bootloader password by editing a Hiera .yaml file.

You can set a bootloader password as shown:
# control-repo/data/nodes/<node name>.yaml
cem_linux::regenerate_grub2_config: true
cem_linux::set_grub2_password: true
cem_linux::grub2_superuser: 'root'
cem_linux::grub2_superuser_password: 'password'
    convert_to: 'Sensitive'
Restriction: The cem_linux::grub2_superuser_password key must be of type Sensitive[String]. Setting a lookup option for that key to convert it to Sensitive is the best way to ensure that the value is Sensitive[String].
CAUTION: Do not store plain-text passwords in Hiera. To help protect passwords, use a hierarchy entry such as hiera-eyaml.