Uninstall Comply and remove PAM

If you are running Comply only in a Puppet-supported cluster, and you want to delete Comply, Puppet Application Manager (PAM), and any related files, uninstall Comply by deleting the Comply application and purging the Kubernetes cluster.

CAUTION: By completing this procedure, you reset the Replicated installation.
  1. From the command line of the node where Comply is installed, run the following command to delete the Comply application:
    # kubectl delete $(kubectl api-resources --verbs=delete -o name | paste -sd "," -) -A -l app.kubernetes.io/part-of=comply
  2. On the same node, run the following command to uninstall the embedded Kubernetes cluster:
    curl https://k8s.kurl.sh/comply/tasks.sh | sudo bash -s reset
    Tip: This command resets the Replicated installation with a purge.
  3. Reboot your node to clear the kube-ipvs0 device.