Create and manage personal access tokens as a user

As a Comply user, you can create a personal access token for yourself from your user profile in the Comply UI. The endpoints you can access with your token are dependent on your user role’s permissions at the time you call the Comply API.

To create a new access token:
  1. In Comply, click your username at the bottom of the left navigation pane to access your user profile.
  2. Specify a name and expiration date for your new API access token.
  3. Click Create personal access token.
  4. Copy your new token code and keep it in a secure location. Your code is only displayed once, so you must copy it immediately in order to access the API using that token.
Within your user profile you can also view all existing tokens for your user. If you no longer need a particular token, you can revoke it. To revoke a token:
  1. Click Revoke on the token you wish to revoke.
  2. In the pop-up, check the box for Yes, revoke [token name].
  3. Click Revoke.

You cannot edit existing tokens. If you need to edit a pre-existing token, revoke it and create a new token with the same name.