Upgrade the module

After you complete the preparation steps, you are ready to upgrade CEM for Linux.

  1. Update the CEM declaration in the Puppetfile. Specify the CEM version number to which you are upgrading.
    For example, to upgrade the cem_linux module to version 1.8.0, specify the CEM declaration as shown:
    mod 'puppetlabs/cem_linux', '1.8.0'

    For instructions about modifying the Puppetfile, see Declare Forge modules in the Puppetfile.

  2. Commit the change to the appropriate branch.
  3. Deploy the change by using Code Manager or r10k.
  4. If you determined during the preparation process that configuration updates are required in CEM, implement the configuration updates. For instructions, see Configuring CEM.
Tip: Starting with v1.3.0, CEM for Linux implements a new architecture. If you upgrade CEM from v1.2.0 or earlier to v1.3.0 or later, and you encounter errors, try restarting the pe-puppetserver service or restarting or reloading Puppet Server. For instructions, see Restarting Puppet Server.