Uninstall the module

To stop using CEM, you can uninstall the cem_linux module. Alternatively, to stop using CEM on one or more nodes, declassify the nodes to remove their association with the cem_linux class.

CAUTION: If you uninstall CEM or declassify one or more nodes, Puppet Enterprise (PE) no longer runs on the affected nodes to enforce secure configuration compliance. When you uninstall CEM or declassify a node, the node does not revert to its pre-CEM state.
Take one of the following actions:
  • To uninstall the CEM module, follow the instructions in Uninstalling modules.
  • To declassify nodes, you can remove the nodes from the node group that is associated with the cem_linux class. For instructions, see Remove nodes from a node group. Alternatively, to stop using CEM on an entire node group, you can remove the cem_linux class from the node group. For instructions, see Remove classes from a node group.