Export Comply data using the Comply API

If you have a personal API access token and the correct user permissions, you can use the Comply Exports API to create, retrieve, download, and delete exports of data from Comply.

You can interact with the Exports API using the following methods:

  • POST /v1/export-job: Create an export job. The export job will be queued and subsequently processed by Comply. If the export job completes successfully, you may download the new export.
  • GET/v1/export-job/{id}: Retrieve information about an export job, including its current status and the location of the associated export, if one has been generated successfully.
  • DELETE/v1/export/{id}: Delete an export permanently. This action also deletes the associated export job.
  • GET/v1/export/{id}/file: Download an export file as a ZIP archive.
  • GET/v1/exports: Retrieve a list of all exports.

You can view inventory sync jobs requested by the Inventory API and their status in the Settings page of the Comply console.

For information on how to access and use the Comply API, reference the documentation at https://<COMPLY-HOSTNAME>/openapi.json, where COMPLY-HOSTNAME is your organization’s Comply server hostname. This documentation is in OpenAPI 3.0 format, so you can view it more clearly by importing it into an API documentation tool that supports the format, such as Swagger UI or Postman.