Welcome to Puppet Comply®

Puppet Comply is a tool that assesses the infrastructure you manage with Puppet Enterprise® against CIS Benchmarks — the best practices from the Center for Internet Security (CIS) for securely configuring systems.

Using Comply, you can:

  • Run scans to check the compliance of your infrastructure against CIS Benchmarks on up to 100,000 nodes.
  • Set your desired compliance — a default benchmark and profile that you want your scans to be measured against.
  • Customize profiles to specify which rules you want visible in scan reports.
  • Identify the cause and source of compliance failures, and determine what configuration changes must be made to which systems.

Comply uses Puppet Enterprise (PE) to retrieve node and fact information. After you install Comply, you must configure it to integrate with PE.

If this is your first time using Comply, try out our Beginner’s guide to Comply.

Important: Before you use the product and its documentation, review the Copyright and trademark notices.