January 26, 2022

On-Prem to Cloud Migration (AWS) Guide for Puppet

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Want to do an on-prem to cloud migration (AWS) for Puppet? Start here.

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What Is an On-Prem to Cloud Migration (AWS)?

Migrating from on-prem to cloud platform such as AWS has many benefits. But the process of moving your existing automation capabilities between on-prem and the cloud can present challenges and make it difficult to take full advantage of cloud.

In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Puppet, we learned that many Puppet users are significantly influencing their organizations’ cloud migration planning, indicating that Puppet can play a key role in cloud migration.

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Why Do a On-Prem to Cloud Migration (AWS) For Puppet?

Many Puppet users are influential in their organization’s cloud migration planning. Just over half (52%) drive and/or significantly influence planning – and Operations/Admin roles (63%) are more likely than Engineering (38%) roles to significantly influence migration planning. This underscores the impact that Puppet operators have on the approach to the cloud migration process within their organizations.

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Many organizations still lack a concrete approach to the cloud migration process. Our data shows that only 43 percent have a documented strategy for which types of apps and workloads are to be migrated, and only 40 percent have identified most or all apps and workloads to be migrated.

This is why Puppet is launching a service that will help you help your organization solve these migration challenges in a secure and efficient way.

Puppet’s PE Cloud Migration Service helps your organization overcome the complexity of migrating to the cloud by giving you access to Puppet professionals with deep Puppet Enterprise and cloud expertise in order to guide you in developing and deploying a Puppet Enterprise architecture in the cloud to both meet your needs and adhere to Puppet and industry best practices.

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How to Migrate Puppet From On-Prem to Cloud (AWS)

Are you planning to use Puppet Enterprise (PE) to manage virtual machines both on-premise and on AWS? Let us help you achieve consistent AWS hybrid infrastructure deployment. Leveraging proven deployment strategies and designs, we can collaborate with you to ensure you have an optimized installation of Puppet Enterprise to manage your hybrid environment.

We start things off by meeting with your team to understand your current environment, security policy, and goals to define a migration strategy. Together, we will build a plan to migrate the infrastructure using a Puppet-maintained deployment toolkit of modules for Bolt and Terraform. We have developed a toolset based on our open source peadm and pecdm modules which expedite deployment to the appropriate region.

Once validated, we’ll execute the plan and ensure the Puppet Enterprise deployment is functioning as expected. Our team is available to help you understand common pitfalls and risks, expediting your migration to AWS. We can guide you through configuration and modification on some common AWS concepts and services such as VPC Peering, Route53, Security Groups, AWS PrivateLink and VPC endpoints, and AWS Backup.

PE Cloud Migration Service will navigate your organization from traditional on-prem to high-functioning hybrid environment in first class.


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