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Puppet Developer Kit

The Puppet Developer Kit (PDK) makes building high quality modules easy. It provides a simple, unified interface to a whole suite of powerful developer tools and even generates basic unit tests, giving you confidence in your code. See what the buzz is about and try the PDK on your next module.

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Puppet Development Kit
Puppet Node Graph Diagram and Code

Puppet VS Code Extension

Elevate the experience of writing Puppet code with the perfect pairing of VS Code and the Puppet Extension. The Puppet Extension takes the gold standard code editor and teaches it the Puppet language. See what Intellisense, Code Navigation, Remote Editing and more can do for your productivity.

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Open Source Contribution

Most of our products are built on top of an open source foundation and we welcome contributions of all kinds. Whether your jam is fine-tuning Puppet modules or diving eyeballs deep into Puppet internals we look forward to working with you to get your code included.

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Trusted Contributor program

Want to help improve the Supported modules you use every day? The Trusted Contributor program recognizes that the true experts on a technology are those who actually use it. Maybe that’s you! Check out the program and share your expertise.

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