What is Puppet Enterprise Advanced?

Enrich your infrastructure with the ultimate Puppet experience. Get features for automation, configuration management, infrastructure as code, security and compliance automation, CI/CD, impact analysis, reporting, and more. Puppet Enterprise Advanced is the only option that puts all of Puppet’s robust IT operations use cases in your hands.

The Full Potential of Puppet Enterprise in One Convenient Package

Infrastructure as Code

Write your desired state configurations once and Puppet will keep it all consistent across OSes and deployments.

Continuous Delivery

Build, test, promote, and deploy infrastructure code — even within your existing CI/CD pipeline — then report on the time you saved.


Manage compliance scanning and remediation, and enforce secure baselines hardened against CIS Benchmarks and DISA STIGs.

Reporting and Observability​

Get a single pane of glass into your infrastructure with compliance reports, detailed change tracking, value reporting, and more.


Automate your way with integrations for popular version control, open APIs, monitoring and alerting, and self-service tools.

Premium Features Included with Puppet Enterprise Advanced

Security Compliance Enforcement

Achieve & Enforce Continuous Compliance

Stay secure, compliant, and audit-ready with automatic monitoring, assessment, and remediation aligned to CIS Benchmarks and DISA STIGs.

  • Stay Secure & Compliant: Stay compliant at all times across all servers with automation that doesn’t rely on SSH to enforce the latest hardened guidelines.
  • Dial In Your Ideal Compliance: Adapt pre-built blocks of infrastructure as code to disable controls that don’t apply to your enterprise, keeping your infrastructure secure and your operations flexible.
  • Prepare & Pass Audits Faster: Prove you’re meeting regulations, SLAs, and internal and external compliance policies with automated report generation.

Impact Analysis

Leverage Change & Keep Your Business Moving

Predict the impact of change so you can build, test, deliver, and deploy applications and infrastructure code with confidence.

  • Enhance Business Agility: When it comes to code changes, what you don’t know actually can hurt you. Preview dependencies, drift, and more to avoid business disruptions that keep you from reaching strategic goals.
  • Reduce Toil and Stay Productive: Less guesswork means less rework. Impact Analysis shows you the impact of code changes on existing infrastructure, so your team can properly assess risk and commit with confidence.
  • Keep Working with Your Tools: Integrate Impact Analysis with your current CI/CD pipeline to generate automatic reports. Call up reports with every pull request and every time a proposed code change is submitted to your control repo.