We’ll handle installation, upgrades, and health checks

Let our experts ensure that Puppet is updated, optimized, and running smoothly with:

Expert Installation

An installation of OSP + Puppet DB on your infrastructure (Primary + Agent) to provide diagnostic foundations

Upgrade Management

Two annual Puppet upgrade installations per year, aligned with the Puppet release schedule

Daily System Health Checks

Twice daily health checks to monitor Puppet-related infrastructure with email notifications if we find an issue

Confidence year-round with admin support

Save your team valuable time with Admin as a Service — this cost-effective solution supports both Open Source and Puppet Enterprise customers.

We’ll make sure that your Puppet infrastructure is optimized and that you’re alerted only when something needs your attention. Use your resources where you need them most, we’ll optimize and check the health of your Puppet server instance.  

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Puppet Certification

Only pay for what you need 

Base level monitoring runs Monday through Friday during business hours, with additional monitoring available.