What's a Puppet Champion?

Anyone who’s contributed code, content, ideas, or towards a positive community experience is a Puppet Contributor.

This program provides resources and recognition for contributors who’ve gone above and beyond. We know that our world is a busy and crowded space, and we’re honored that you’re sharing so much of your time with us. We’d like to help you and to give you the appropriate kudos for the awesome work you do.

See our current Puppet Champions

See Our Puppet Champions

What Puppet Champions Get

We’re invested in your success, so we’re providing you everything we can to lower friction for Champion members. Some of the tools you’ll have at your fingertips include:

  • The monthly Puppet Champions Inside Scoop newsletter with lots of exciting information about internal projects and upcoming news.
  • Access to Puppet community content like presentations, demos, and workshops that you’ll be able to deliver as your own for local meetups or user groups.
  • The ability to contribute back to the Champions Content Library.
  • Puppet store discount codes twice a year. You can use them yourself, or share with a friend.
  • An annual allotment of stickers and other swag for you to give away at events.
  • Make your voice heard with Puppet’s blog, podcast, and others.

In addition, anyone in the Champions program can apply for Trusted Contributor access to many of our projects. This will give you limited maintainership rights, like the ability to merge pull requests and even make module releases on your own.

What Champions Offer

The League of Extraordinary Puppeteers

Available only by peer nomination, the Extraordinary Puppeteer is a distinction that we grant only the most passionate Champions – the ones known for their expertise and their commitment to advancing the DevOps and CloudOps world. They speak, blog, lead workshops, create demos, organize events, and help advance our mission to transform the IT world. (You probably follow many of them on Twitter/X already.)

We provide our Extraordinary Puppeteers additional resources like advisory board participation, travel scholarships for speaking engagements, Puppet sanctioned presentation content, and co-authoring byline opportunities.

The League of Extraordinary Puppeteers Image

Become a Puppet Champion