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Contributing to Puppet modules

People often get started with Open Source by contributing small fixes to the things they use day to day, such as the Puppet modules they're using to manage their infrastructures. Modules generally have smaller and more approachable codebases, so next time you run into a shortcoming, why not roll up your sleeves and dive in?

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Contributing to Puppet projects

If you're interested in leveling up your skills, maybe some of our bigger projects might be more your style. Our contributor's guide has tons of useful information to get you ramped up, then head over to the beginner friendly tickets and find something to get started on!

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Open Source Projects

Just want to browse through our open source portfolio and see what strikes your fancy?

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Trusted contributor program

Want to help improve the Supported modules you use every day? The Trusted Contributor program recognizes that the true experts on a technology are those who actually use it. Maybe that's you! Check out the program and share your expertise.

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