FAQs About Open Source Puppet

How is Open Source Puppet Different from Puppet Enterprise?

You should choose Puppet Enterprise when:

  • You have complex automation tasks
  • Security and compliance are a priority
  • You need enterprise-grade, 24/7 tech support

For more technical information and use cases comparing Open Source and Puppet Puppet Enterprise, download "Open Source Puppet vs. Puppet Enterprise: The Complete Guide" for free at the link below.


What Add-Ons Are Available for Open Source Puppet?

Several premium offerings are available for Open Source Puppet, letting you extend the functionality of your Puppet instance until you're ready to switch to Puppet Enterprise.

Admin as a Service

Get access to a certified Puppet administrator dedicated to ensuring you are getting the most out of Open Source Puppet.

We’ll keep your Open Source Puppet updated and optimized with expert installation, upgrade management, and daily system health checks.


Security Compliance Enforcement

Leverage Puppet’s unique desired state configuration capabilities to help maintain a strong security and compliance posture, boosting protection against security threats.

This premium feature is a module that allows Open Source Puppet users to enforce Puppet policy as code (PaC) for automated compliance hardened against CIS Benchmarks and other popular security standards.


More premium features and support options are available for Puppet Enterprise and Puppet Enterprise Advanced. Learn more on the Puppet Plans & Pricing page.

Where Can I Find Open Source Puppet Modules and Support?

The Puppet Forge offers a massive library of over 7,000 pre-built modules crafted by Puppet, trusted partners, and the talented Puppet community. The Puppet Forge empowers you with step-by-step guides and tutorials, regardless of your Puppet experience.

Our active Puppet Community Slack connects you with other Open Source Puppet users who can help answer questions and provide support.

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