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Application Delivery and Operations

Release applications more reliably with self-healing infrastructure

Bottlenecks between teams, manual intervention, and lack of consistent application deployment workflows can lead to delays in business productivity and more. To stay competitive and relevant, organizations need to deliver applications fast, frequently, and reliably.


Speed Up Application Delivery with Repeatable Processes

Simplify deployments through abstraction of target operating systems like CentOS, Red Hat and Windows and application environments including on-prem, AWS and Azure by leveraging infrastructure as code best practices.

  • Drive multi-node/multi-tier deployment success with consistent infrastructure among applications across on-prem and cloud environments.
  • Eliminate common bottlenecks between Dev and App Ops by using Bolt Plans, a single, repeatable, testable and shareable deployment process.
  • Easily integrate with popular source control systems, cloud platforms, and service catalog solutions.
  • Deploy applications to production with powerful orchestration capabilities and common modules available from the Puppet Forge.
  • Shift left and ensure application deployments are secure with reusable automation that hardens systems from the start.
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Automate Day Two Operations Reliably

Continuously deploy and maintain applications confidently knowing that the underlying infrastructure is consistently enforced.

Agentless Orchestration

Agentless Orchestration

Drive efficiency and automate common application operation tasks like database maintenance, log collection and rotations, and disk clean up with agentless orchestration.

Application Delivery

Application Delivery

Manage application updates and rely on self-healing infrastructure and desired state enforcement for ongoing application delivery success.



Confidently deploy and update applications knowing the underlying infrastructure (including libraries) are installed, OS is up to date, and middleware follows established security and compliance guidelines.

Make Your Plans and Tasks Shareable With Bolt

This talk will cover best practices and insider tips for developing Bolt content and working with the task runner. We’ll talk about making your plans and tasks shareable, using Bolt’s built-in content and features, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices for writing robust code.

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