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Continuous Compliance

Maintain Security Standards Automatically with Policy as Code

Continuous compliance is the process of consistently maintaining a security posture that complies with regulatory standards, best practices, and internal policies.

Continuous compliance is important whether you're one person managing hundreds of systems or a team managing thousands. Puppet makes it manageable with unified control and visibility across clouds and data centers to ensure continuous compliance.


The Continuous Compliance Challenges of the Operator Today

  • Inability to keep up with the ever-shifting security policies (including but not limited to regulatory compliance)
  • Inability to respond to configuration drift that requires immediate remediation when using commands, scripts, and playbooks
  • Time-consuming, tedious, and expensive audit prep
  • Manual security inspections of OS and middleware configuration that delay software deployments and creates poor developer experience
  • Lack of visibility into continuous compliance status due to tool sprawl makes enforcement of compliance extremely complex and time-consuming
Continuous Compliance Puppet by Perforce

Improve Developer Experience With Self-Service Compliant Builds

Puppet’s robust APIs give you the flexibility to provide compliant build options in the appropriate interface for your DevOps teams. This ensures that the software meets compliance requirements and is released in a timely manner, allowing for a smoother, more efficient development process.

Get a Holistic View of Continuous Compliance Status

Puppet provides integration with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and U.S. Federal Frameworks, allowing for an estate-level view of the compliance status of your systems with the chosen benchmarks. This enables continuous compliance monitoring of hybrid systems, both in the cloud and on-prem, with minimal effort and hassle. Puppet’s integrations ensure compliance with the latest standards, helping you stay ahead of security threats and maintain a consistently secure environment.

Continuous Compliance Puppet Comply Dashboard

Get Continuous Compliance With Puppet

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