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Why Puppet

Innovate through Infrastructure Automation

At Puppet by Perforce, we’re redefining what is possible for continuous operations. We empower IT operations teams to easily automate their infrastructure, enabling them to deliver at cloud speed and cloud-scale.

What We Do

Find. Fix. Prevent.

Our scalable approach to infrastructure automation enables teams to innovate rapidly, with security and compliance baked in. We’re leading the way from find-and-fix to predicting at scale. No more surprises.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Don’t work for your infrastructure. Make your infrastructure work for you.

Puppet knows that in order for businesses to succeed, IT operations teams can’t fail – and Puppet won’t fail IT operations teams.

We move at the speed of business, delivering infrastructure automation software that gives your teams back their time, and promises them – and your business – peace of mind.

Since 2005, Puppet has led the industry in infrastructure management at scale across more than 40,000 organizations, including 80% of the Global 5000. Our customers rely on Puppet to simplify the complexity of their IT infrastructure and strengthen their security posture, compliance standards, and business resiliency beyond the data center to the cloud.


Puppet Company: How We Do It

How We Do It

We’ve seen too many companies approach infrastructure automation with point solutions that lead to complexity and greater risk. Unlike other companies, Puppet takes a holistic approach to IT automation with products that are responsive and predictive by design.

Puppet products rapidly find anomalies at scale, take pre-defined action to fix them, report the correction, and predict future events in order to prevent surprises and keep businesses ahead. Rinse, repeat.

From the beginning, Puppet has understood one size doesn’t fit all. We are committed to giving our customers choice, and have built our technology to be open and easily integratable with other solutions.

Our flagship product, Puppet Enterprise, keeps businesses resilient by ensuring that a company’s IT infrastructure is in a known good state. Add-ons like Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise and Puppet Comply help meet compliance and operational efficiency at scale, so you can deliver applications and services more quickly.

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The Puppet Way

Shared values underpin every product decision.

Puppet is a values-driven global company that believes in a people-first perspective, from our customers to our employees.

Puppet and its community brought new organizational processes and technologies to IT infrastructure operations. We pioneered what is now known as “infrastructure as code” and spearheaded effective practices for DevOps that flourish today.

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