Puppet for Cloud: Manage Hybrid IT

Unlock scalability, compliance, and efficiency with Puppet – on the ground and in the cloud.

Your hybrid cloud infrastructure needs consistency. Puppet works across deployments to automate routine tasks, harden systems, maintain desired state, and ensure cloud compliance – whether you’re on AWS, Azure, GCP, multiple clouds, or a mix of data center and cloud. 


Woman using laptop and looking at Puppet window, with cloud and code icons in background.
Person looking at a computer screen with lock, servers, and cloud icons in background.

Enforce Cloud Configurations That Won’t Slip

  • Eliminate cloud misconfiguration by using Puppet policy as code across hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Get a real-time view of configuration status across your entire cloud and hybrid estate

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Increase Cloud Resource Efficiency

  • Automate provisioning of the cloud resources everyone needs
  • Future-proof your infrastructure for long-term cost effectiveness
  • Increase collaboration and reduce rework with a single solution 
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"Node results" window zoomed in above Puppet dashboard, with cloud and alert icons.

Consolidate Tools for Easier Cloud Ops

  • Give ops, security, and cloud teams a single pane of glass to manage hybrid cloud resources
  • Manage resources, state enforcement, remediation, and scaling from one tool
  • Eliminate tool sprawl across AWS, Azure, and GCP in multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and mixed IT environments 

Migrate + Move Between Clouds Faster

  • Build strong infrastructure configurations and enforce them all the way from the data center to public and private cloud
  • Keep infrastructure and services consistent as you relocate to another cloud provider 
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