ANZ Bank Trusts Puppet to Ensure Compliance for 22 Regulatory Bodies

ANZ Bank is an Australian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Their 7,000+ servers run with widely differing operating systems — and they all need to adhere to strict compliance requirements in their industry.

Benefits of Using Puppet:

Enforced Compliance

Puppet enforced compliance across 7,000 servers. 

Streamlined Operations

Replaced manual service hours through automation for tasks like patching.

Enhanced Scalability

Improved scalability across disparate server environments. 

Challenge: 7,000 Servers, 22 Regulatory Bodies, 1 Huge Compliance Task

Working in a highly regulated industry at a multinational level meant that ANZ Bank needed a reliable, efficient process to ensure compliance with the 22 regulatory bodies overseeing their operations.  

To make things more complicated, ANZ Bank operates across many different types of platforms and environments, making it harder to provide consistent reporting for audits across their 7,000+ servers.  

Results: Rapidly Enforced Compliance at Scale

“Having Puppet Bolt as the central core component for patching solved a whole heap of problems for us. We had been waiting for something like tasks for a long time.”

- Nathan Kroenert, Senior Consultant, Enterprise Platforms

When ANZ Bank partnered with Puppet, they rapidly enforced compliance, improved scalability, and enabled consistency across platforms. Puppet helped ANZ define and implement configurations quickly and easily, making audits easier with clear reporting.  

ANZ Bank also saved thousands of hours that were previously dedicated to manual service processes by automating with Puppet. For large-scale tasks like patching, Puppet helped ANZ centralize patching control with a uniform interface.  

See for yourself what Puppet can do to keep your organization compliant and secure. Try it today or request a demo with the Puppet team. 

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