From Weeks of Provisioning to 10 Minutes: How Puppet Removed Barriers for Daiwa Capital

Daiwa Capital Markets is a financial company operating globally out of Tokyo with nearly 15,000 employees. To serve a large user base efficiently and accurately, they needed automation for a self-service portal where developers could request environments, enabling faster production and easier compliance audits.

Benefits of Using Puppet:

From weeks to 10 minutes

to provision environments

More control

from a central location

Shorter build times

for infrastructure and environments

Challenge: Time Lost on Manual Work

Daiwa needed a tool that would increase efficiency and reduce the risk of error from manual changes and configuration drift. They wanted a way to automate builds of standard, repeatable environments for trackable production deployment. For its configuration automation, orchestration, and provisioning features they chose Puppet Enterprise. The infrastructure team were not able to reach the level of automation they wanted with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which also didn’t support their mixed OS environment (running primarily Windows and Linux).

“The deployment and configuration of servers on the Windows estate was a very manual task involving multiple teams,” said Simon Rowe, Section Head of the IT Dept. Platform Engineering team at Daiwa. “We were experiencing high time loss and the process was susceptible to human error. With vRA and Puppet, these processes are now completely automated.”

Provisioning new environments used to take Daiwa engineers weeks to complete until they implemented Puppet Enterprise.  

Results: Faster Delivery, Greater Control

“Team engagement has increased as a result of implementing Puppet Enterprise. Team members are now keen to engage in DevOps practices once they have seen the benefits in real-time situations of the solutions we have put in place, a key factor being the utilization of Puppet Enterprise.”

Andy Thomas Head, European Infrastructure at Daiwa Capital Markets

With Puppet Enterprise, VMware vRealize Automation (vRA), and Chocolatey, Daiwa’s platform team successfully built a self-service platform that could translate developer needs into actionable, trackable requests. Using Puppet Enterprise to automate the platform allowed Daiwa engineers to provision new environments in 10 minutes instead of weeks.

And by leveraging code tracking via the Git integration in Puppet Enterprise, Daiwa infrastructure engineers built in a standard process to track standard build codes. This tracking capability has mitigated error, improved regulatory compliance, and reduced time spent preparing for lengthy, complex audits.

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