How Datasite Used Puppet to Expand Globally

Datasite (formerly Merrill Corporation) provides technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, regulated communications, and disclosure services around the world.

Benefits of Using Puppet:

Expanded globally

across cloud environments

Consistent and speedy

infrastructure deployment

Quickly launched

a competitive app

Challenge: Inconsistent Deployments

Datasite needed a solution for their inconsistent infrastructure deployment which made maintaining virtual machines in multiple global data centers a challenge. They were consuming an excessive amount of resources, which left them with limited time to focus on larger business goals.

The company was also rapidly expanding its business and building cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure worldwide. New Azure subscriptions were deployed in an unwieldy and inconsistent way. As a result, Datasite dealt with unmanageable subscriptions that became costly and difficult to resolve.

Solution: Global Efficiency

With Puppet Enterprise’s configuration management, Datasite transformed its organization by adopting a consistent, repeatable way to manage their infrastructure. “Puppet allowed us to ensure our current systems are configured correctly and easily see all configurations at a glance with a clearer view,” said Richard Lawson, Cloud Services Engineer at Datasite.

“With Puppet, we moved past the day-to-day emergencies and can now focus more on the other aspects of our jobs including planning, optimization and new technology evaluation.” - Richard Lawson, Cloud Services Engineer at Datasite

Scalable infrastructure as code also supported Datasite as they designed and deployed new Azure subscriptions quickly and efficiently. “Using Puppet, we can now hit the ground running when setting up a new environment,” said Lawson.

Using the Microsoft Azure module on Puppet Forge, they now manage resource groups, network security groups, networks, storage accounts and app services. “The module made managing different Azure services a lot easier than before,” said Lawson. “Puppet helped streamline the process and make it less manual, preserving resources for our company.”

Faster, more consistent deployment also supported the global launch of the DatasiteOne app — a secure document sharing and collaboration tool used by companies that undergo mergers and acquisitions. The team maintaining the infrastructure for the product felt pressure from different directions: developers needed a stable yet flexible environment, customers required consistent performance, and executives expected the team to anticipate and solve problems before any issues escalated.  

With the help of Puppet Enterprise, Datasite quickly set up and deployed DatasiteOne in a timely and efficient manner.

“Since we launched DatasiteOne in March 2018, it has been so wildly successful that we left our competitors in the dust. Puppet played a big part in bringing that new product forward.” - Richard Lawson, Cloud Services Engineer at Datasite

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