Finastra is one of the largest fintech companies globally, focused on delivering vital technology to 90 of the world’s top 100 banks. They use an open architecture approach and as their infrastructure grew, so did their automation and configuration management needs. With an extensive Azure VM footprint, Finastra needed a seamless way to orchestrate changes to their hybrid on-premises and cloud environment, at scale.


The company chose Puppet Enterprise to automate their complex orchestration at enterprise scale. Using Puppet Enterprise, Finastra automates their process of auditing for drift and drift correction, applying their policy as code with full automation. Working with Puppet Professional Services, the Finastra team was able to codify and ensure their rollout would meet CIS Benchmarks.


With Puppet Enterprise, Finastra scales up to tens of thousands of VMs while fully supporting compliance and aligning with policies and standards. They are able to provision secure, compliant cloud-based virtual machines in a federated, developer-friendly approach that lets teams get access to resources quickly and easily with Puppet Enterprise.

“With Puppet, the automation drift correction at scale is huge for us. If there is drift, it’s going to audit it every 30 minutes, so I don’t have to push something out to keep checking through drift and keep trying to set up that machine. It just happens on its own.
Kelly Evanson,Fusion Operate Cloud – Configuration Leader at Finastra

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