Extend your hybrid cloud with Puppet Enterprise

Ensures all the machines across your hybrid cloud are equipped to do what they’re supposed to do. Incorporating Puppet Enterprise into your hybrid cloud management processes lets you take advantage of industry-standard IT automation. Now you can spend less time fighting fires, and work proactively instead of reactively, developing innovative solutions for your organization.

Dell EMC and Puppet partner to bring DevOps tools and practices to the hybrid cloud. As the standard for implementing infrastructure as code, Puppet Enterprise is available as an extension of Dell EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

Your hybrid cloud is now DevOps-ready

Puppet Enterprise is the de facto standard for managing infrastructure as code, a prerequisite for DevOps-like agility. Puppet Enterprise lets you test, reuse, and deploy code across all your environments, so you can make rapid, repeatable changes and automatically enforce consistency across your Dell EMC hybrid cloud, managing both traditional and next-generation cloud apps.

How it works

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud from Dell EMC is a turnkey platform for traditional applications. It is fully designed, integrated, and tested across both hardware and software, enabling IT to start delivering value to the business faster — freeing resources, minimizing costs, and reducing risk. In combination with Puppet Enterprise, you can automate changes, regardless of where the workload is placed in the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud — vCloud Air and other public clouds, or your own on-premises data center. That gives you greater agility and choice when delivering applications to your users.

DevOps help from DevOps experts

Teaming up with Dell EMC through their Professional Services DevOps Readiness offering helps you along the journey to adopting DevOps and hybrid cloud. DevOps Readiness experts provide the training and guidance you need to implement practices that can create true competitive advantages as you implement and evolve your hybrid cloud.