Automate Google Cloud Platform with Puppet Enterprise

In ongoing collaboration with Puppet, Google Cloud offers a growing collection of Puppet Approved modules to automatically provision, configure, and manage Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources. The Puppet modules for GCP help you quickly create virtual machines, globally distributed databases, fully managed Kubernetes clusters, and more.

You can use Puppet Enterprise to manage your GCP resources the same way you manage the rest of your infrastructure, giving you a standardized way to manage your cloud and on-premises environments. If you’re migrating to Google Cloud, you can get there faster by leveraging your existing Puppet configurations to define your cloud infrastructure.

Sample use cases

Below you can find a few examples that showcase the power of Puppet and Google Cloud Platform together.

Allocate and manage SQL data repositories

Google Cloud SQL provides managed, zero-headache SQL service to host your data. You can deploy, manage, and operate your Google Cloud SQL using Puppet:

  1. google/gsql allows you to deploy hosted services, instances, databases, manage users and network security.
  2. Once your hosted environment is deployed you can use:

Deploy and manage your container infrastructure

Google Container Engine (GKE) provides a simple way to create and scale container-based applications without having to build an entire Kubernetes cluster from scratch. You can deploy and manage your Kubernetes containers using google/gcontainer to provision your Kubernetes containers. Once deployed, use the standard Kubernetes module to manage your containers.

Migrate an application from on-premises to cloud

Use Puppet and GCP to migrate an eCommerce portal from on-premises to the cloud: See the talk from PuppetConf 2016, Puppetize ALL The Things!

Get started today

  1. Install the Google Cloud modules into your Puppet environment.
  2. Define your credentials.
  3. Manage away, Puppet style!

For more examples, be sure to read the documentation on the google/cloud module, which bundles all GCP modules together, or visit the individual module pages.

New accounts get $300 in GCP credits and you can apply for an additional $200 credit.

Further resources